Art and Experience‘Another Time’ directed by Nahid Hassanzadeh has won Special Jury Award at the 2017 edition of Athens International Film and Video Festival (AIFVF) in the US.

The festival, which ran from April 3 to April 10 in Ohio, screened two other Iranian productions including documentary ‘Alone Among the Taliban’ made by Mohsen Eslamzadeh, and short film ‘Butterflies’ by Adnan Zandi.

‘Another Time’ directed by Nahid Hassanzadeh won the Special Jury Award at the American festival. The feature film tells the story of Ghadir, who is a chemical plant worker going through a hard time. It depicts with great subtly the conflicts of love, duty and tradition that the children create in the family.

‘Another Time’ has previously won Best Film award at Kolkata film festival and Best Actor award at Mannheim film festival.

Iran ArtHouse Film, a distribution company founded by Marjan Alizadeh is international distributor of ‘Another Time.’

The AIFVF is founded in 1974 in rural southeast Ohio, with an aim to maintain a vision and identity that celebrates avant-garde, independent, alternative, and world media, in all genres and formats.