Art and Experience: Iranian films “Amir” and “First Autograph for Rana” will hit the theaters across the country on Wednesday, the Screening Council of the Culture Ministry announced on Monday.

Directed by Nima Eqlima, “Amir” tells the story of Amir, a man in his thirties who is beleaguered by other peoples’ problems. His friend Ali’s ex-wife and son have gone missing, his sister is desperately trying to break away from the family, and his parents are trying to keep the family together.

The film is about a generation whose private lives are determined more by the rules of society than by their own will.

“First Autograph for Rana” by Ali Zhakan is about a writer, Jahangir, whose three books have been published but he doesn’t have any income.

Jahangir and his wife Rana and their 6-year-old son Nima live in one of Jahangir’s friends’ home but his friend needs his home and they have to move out while they don’t have any money to rent a house.

Source: Tehrantimes