Art and Experience: “Am I a Wolf?” and “Son of the Sea” will compete in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market in France, the organizers have announced.

Directed by Amir-Hushang Moein, “Am I a Wolf?” is about children who perform the familiar story of the wolf and the yearlings in school as a puppet show. The nanny goat grieving its yearlings and the angry wolf in its solitude face each other.

“Son of the Sea” directed by Abbas Jalali-Yekta tells the story of a man lives in a house with his wife and the illusion of their son on the wall! This hallucination gradually creates complications in their lives.

The films will be screened in the Perspectives Short Films in Competition. Amelia Chiew, Zosie Golding and Fahim Arif Motahar are the members of the jury for the category.

Over 200 films have been shortlisted to screen in the official selection of the festival, which will take place in the southeastern French town of Annecy from June 10 to 15.

Source: Tehran times