Art and Experience:  Iranian director Kianush Abedi’s “Alphabet” has been selected as best animated movie at the Revolution Me Film Festival in the United States, the organizers have announced.

The story in “Alphabet” is set in a town located in nowhere land. It has been years since the people of this town have forgotten the alphabet of life. They have no sight, hearing or speech left… but the words are impatiently waiting to be sung again.

“Pure White” by Sven Windszus, “Wild Woman” by Vanessa Sweet and “Compartments” by Daniella Koffler and Uli Seis were also nominated for the award.

“Alphabet” was also nominated in the Best Story and Best Special Effects categories.

The award for Best Story went to “Push” by Australian director Gabrielle Kempe, and “Caronte” by Luis Tinoco won the award for Best Special Effects.

“Oma” by Daniella Rabbani from the U.S. received the award for best short film, and “Robin” by Toby Schmutzler and Kevin Schmutzler was named best feature film.

“The Revolution Me Film Festival wants the new emerging filmmakers to come together and change the world,” wrote the organizers of the event that took place in New York from September 21 to 23.

Source: Tehran Times