Art and Experience: Iranian director Neda Hengami has said that her collaboration with a German troupe on their joint production “No Name” was a great experience for her.

Hengami’s troupe, composed of eight actors, teamed up with a German group led by director Ismene Schell has been performing the improvisation at the Javanmard Hall of the Iranian Theater Forum in Tehran since February 9.

They will give their last performance of the play tomorrow.

The idea of collaborating on a joint production came last August when Schell held a 12-day acting workshop at Yerma House, a theater center in Tehran, Hengami told the Persian service of Honaronline on Saturday.

“A theater troupe and the social problems facing the members in their rehearsals are the subjects of the play,” she added.

“A group of German actors along with an Iranian cast work with each other without knowing each other’s language. Many people asked me to use subtitles for the German parts, but I didn’t agree, because this play doesn’t intend to tell a story, it aims to facilitate an interaction between two cultures and groups, and I feel that it has been highly successful in its mission,” she stated.

Hengami is eager to have similar experiences with groups from other countries.

Meryem Polat, Keso Khintibidze, Vitiko Schell, Danijel Marsanic and Alexander Hundt are the members of the German cast taking part in this project.

Sama Aqazamani, Mohammad-Hossein Samari, Mohammad Habibi and several other Iranian actors are collaborating in this production.

Source: Tehrantimes