Art and Experience: “All Mama’s Babies” by Rezvan Sarmad will be screened in the national competition of the 12th Cinema Verite, Iran’s major international festival of documentary cinema, which is scheduled to be held in December.

The documentary covers a story about Sarmad family. The filmmaker’s parents decide to transform their house into a 9-floor apartment building to help support their children. His mother has planted many fruit trees in the garden, taking great care of them. She realizes that the garden will be destroyed to make way for the new building, and wants to save the trees, which she sees as “her babies.”

The documentary had its world premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival, which took place in the Canadian city from August 23 to September 3.

However, “Dying to Tell” by Hernán Zin from Argentina won the award for best documentary at the festival.

Source: Tehran Times