Art and Experiencehe 2nd Iranian Film Festival Zurich, held May 26 – June 1, 2016, will display documentaries and drama alike in a completely Iranian competition.

The information is reported from the official website of the event, courtesy of the organizers of the Zurich Film Festival.

The 2016 edition of the Iranian Film Festival is dedicated to films on issues of immigration, integration, and matters related to women in Iran and around the globe such as honor/virginity, solitude, sacrifice, and love. In addition, the festival presents 19 outstanding films made between 2014 and 2016 about Iran or by Iranian filmmakers about other countries. These films have been selected from impressive international film festivals such as Berlinale, Busan, Cannes, and the Fajr Film Festival. “The Man Who Became a Horse”, “The Girl’s House”, and “Immortal” are among 11 films in competition under critical eyes of a five-member jury for feature films and a three-member jury for short films.

‘Raving Iran’

Anoosh and Arash are at the center of Tehran’s underground techno scene. Tired of hiding from the police and their stagnating career, they organize one last manic techno rave under dangerous circumstances in the desert.


Hassan is a boy who tries to revive his family ship for his father‘s birthday. His father has left the house and did not return.


Ayaz, a lonely sixty-year-old man detests his life. He feels guilty about the death of his family. He‘s constantly in search of ways for ending his life.

‘Residents of One-Way Street’

The documentary is about eight residents of 30 Tir Street in Tehran‘s (Qavam os-Saltaneh) and takes a look at the social and political history of this street.

‘A Romantic Robbery’

Two old-timer thieves, Kamal and Jamal who are released from prison after years, go to their accomplice – Essi – to get their share from their last robbery.


Zhaleh and Hamed are two youngsters from the third generation of Iranian immigrants who have settled down in another country against their will.

‘I’m Not Angry!’

Navid, a Kurdish young man, deprived of continuing his studies at the university because of his activities and beliefs, is trying not to get angry while confronting the social abnormalities.


Lantouri is the name of a gang of exorcists, thieves, blackmailers in Tehran. Pasha, a member of the gang, falls in love with Maryam, a social activist / journalist.


Homa, a highly appreciated and respected senior nurse working in a private hospital is offered a 10-day nightshift for a single patient, an old lady.

‘I Am Diego Maradona’

Due to unsuccessful marriage two families makes a lot of problems for each other once a minor matter occur in the family.

‘Death of the Fish’

A mother dies. After a while, her children gather around her funeral but they find out that their mother has a strange will.

‘The Man Who Became a Horse’

A father lives together with his daughter. The mother has passed away and there is just one white horse left for the daughter.

‘Unripe Pomegranate’

Ensi and Zabih are a married couple living in a suburb of Tehran with temporary work. While she‘s expecting a baby, an unexpected event happens.


An old house in north Tehran, soon to be demolished, a family of a single mother and four grown up children. The night before Samira‘s wedding an unknown person calls and tells them that the bride is dead and that the wedding has been cancelled.

‘Confessions of My Dangerous Mind’

Farhad cannot remember anything. During 24 hours, he’s struggling to find his lost identity through the people he encounters.

‘Soy Nero’

Nothing is going to divert the young Mexican named Nero from his dream of becoming a US citizen.


Nahid, a young divorcee, lives alone with her 10-year-old son in a Northern Iranian city on the Caspian Sea.


A boy has been fishing for some time in a grounded ship at the zero point border. He chose the place for his seclusion and serenity when the appearance of a stranger takes away his peace and his work.

9 short films also will be displayed in the festival:

‘A Report about Mina’, ‘The Last Super’, ‘Iranian Ninja’, ‘Scent of Geranium’, ‘The Gambler’, ‘Beggary or Need’, ‘Pain’, ‘74’, ‘On Going Home’: At 16-years-old, Hassan Beickhorasani in 1979 flees the oncoming revolution in Iran and ends up in Belfast.