Art & Experience: The 51th meeting event of Art & Experience cinema group was given to “Delta X” movie directed by Alireza Amini. This event was held on Saturday 21 October in Farhang cinema with all the movie’s cast.

At first the guests and the movie cast signed the poster for the tradition of remembrance and the movie was screened at 9:30 PM.

Farshid Navabi the executor of the event asked the audiences to watch “Delta X” directed by Alireza Amini and said: ” Each work of Alireza Amini makes us surprise and he makes movies in different genre and new style each time.”

Amini came to the scene and while appreciating the audiences, apologized to all the guests who had to sat on the stairs because of the huge crowd in the event.

Amini explained the creation of this movie due to the gap between his previous movies and getting the screening permission for showing “Block 9 Exit 2” and said: “After working a while in a little bit more commercial cinema and movies like “Seven minutes to autumn” and “At the End of 8th Street” which were waiting for getting the permission to be screened , I preferred to experience an abstract and noncommercial space in between the time we were getting the screening license for screening “Block 9 Exit 2″. In this movie I wanted to see what will happen if we mix abstract cinema with realistic cinema.” Amini added in the end that you audiences and critics has to decide whether or not this experience was an successful one? He also gave a short answer to the executor of the event about this matter that whats the main trait of his movie: “Myself.”

The executor of the event asked the actors and actresses and other members of the movie’s cast to come on the scene. Bita Beigi, Siavash Jafari,  Zahir Yari, Sharareh Ranjbar, Katrin Aslani, Morteza Esmail Kashi from the actors and actresses and Ali Mardani, Farshad Gol Sefidi, Ramin Golshahi, Marzieh Akbarnejad, Sina Dorandishan and other cast members came on the scene and thanked the audiences by saying a sentence.

Abdollah Eskandari, Ahoo Kheradmand, Homayoon Ershadi, Mehdi Miami, Reza Fayyazi, Reza Dorostkar, Bahareh Afshari and Mehdi Amini Khah were the guests of the 51th meeting event of Art & Experience cinema group