Art and Experience: If you ever wanted to own a xenomorph egg from “Alien,” Conan the Barbarian’s sword, Indiana Jones’ whip, or any number of other famous movie props, now’s your chance. Wired reports that a massive auction will take place in London later this month, with some 600 items going for sale — it’s what Prop Store calls the “multi-consignor” sale, according to an email sent to Wired from the company’s Brandon Alinger.

“The pieces have been sourced from a variety of different places, including private collectors, studios and production companies, industry personnel, and rental houses,” adds Alinger. Pretty much everything on the list is prohibitively expensive — the cheapest item starts at $971, while an ILM camera used on “The Empire Strikes Back” has a starting bid of nearly $130,000 —  but window shopping never hurt anybody.

Source: indiewire