Art & Experience: Documentary channel of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, in 10th episode of its “Ganjineh(Treasure)” series has chosen two documentaries, “Ālī Qāpū” and “Chehel Sotoun” by Manouchehr Tayyab for showing.

Documentary channel of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting in cooperation with central archive of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, decided to show the best documentaries of 40, 50, 60 decades in “Ganjineh(Treasure)” series.

According to public relations of documentary channel, this episode of the series is specialized for two works of Manouchehr Tayyab, “Ālī Qāpū” and “Chehel Sotoun” which were produced in 1352(1973). Documentaries like “Iran, land of religions” and “With the wind in a lonely desert” have been shown in “Ganjineh(Treasure)” series before. These two documentaries were on screen in Art & Experience cinema group as the the classics of documentaries.

Manouchehr Tayyab was born in 1316(1937), Tehran. He graduated in architecture from the Technical University of Vienna and educated in the field of film and television director and stage design from the School of Cinematic State Academy of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna.
Tayyab started his works by directing a film about Iran’s old pottery and had made over 90 documentaries & educational films so far.

“Ganjineh(Treasure)” is on TV every Wednesday at 9 PM with performance of Parinosh Nazarieh and Zahra Keshavarzi’s Production. The 10th episode will be on TV on Wednesday 18th November.