Art and Experience: “To Die in the Pure Water”, a movie directed by Tehran-based Afghan brothers Navid and Jamshid Mahmudi about Afghan expatriates in Iran was screened during the 38th Fajr Film Festival in Tehran on Thursday.

“We’ve been immigrants for many years, not only in Iran but also in the world,” Navid said during a press conference after the premiere of his film at Mellat Cineplex.

“We know well about the problems and obstacles facing Afghan immigrants and that’s why we make films on this subject,” he added.

He also stated that there are lots of successful immigrants across Iran and the world but making films about their problems is more dramatic.

“My brother and I are good examples of successful Afghan immigrants in Iran. We are even working on a plot for a TV series about successful immigrants,” Mahmudi noted.

“To Die in the Pure Water” is about a young Afghan man who is faced with the dilemma of choosing between converting to Christianity to obtain a European visa or continuing to live as a Muslim with all his problems.

Jamshid, the producer of the film, also expressed his hope that being in the Fajr Film Festival would help to increase the box office receipts of the film.

“We’d really like to screen our films in Afghanistan, but there are only six theaters and they are dedicated to Indian movies,” he noted.

He also expressed his hope that they can convince some cultural centers in Afghanistan to screen their films.

Source: Tehrantimes