Art and Experience: Kianush Gerami, star acclaimed movies such as “So Close, So Far”, announced on Thursday and he and his wife and two daughters have been tested positive for COVID19.

He is currently in Tehran’s Milad Hospital as he is having problems breathing and needs further treatment.

Speaking to the Persian service of Tasnim, the actor asked people to take the new virus seriously and pray for the patients.

“I first thought I had a cold and I did not take it seriously, but gradually I felt worse and had to go to the hospital and found out my COVID19 test is positive,” he said.

“I stayed at home for two more days, but at midnight I woke up unable to breathe and had to go to the Milad Hospital, and found out my lungs have been affected by the virus,” he added.

“I ask that people take coronavirus seriously so that they will not be affected like me and my family. I am 58 and never expected to be hospitalized. Here the wards are crowded, and unfortunately, I witnessed some pass away, making the decease harder for me,” he stated.

“I really need to express my thanks to the doctors and nurses for all their great efforts. They really treat the patients well and I wish good health for them and their families,” he added.

“I ask everybody to wear a mask and listen to all the medical advice so that we can get rid of this disease sooner. I am really sad that all my family members are affected and I pray that God saves us from this disease,” concluded Gerami, who has acted in dozens of movies, including “Tambourine” and “St. Petersburg”.

He has also starred in the TV series “Forbidden Fruit” and “The Chef”.

Source: Tehrantimes