Art and Experience: Veteran Iranian actor Kazem Afrandnia died at Tehran’s Firuzgar Hospital on Saturday. He was at 71.

Afrandnia suffered a stroke last week and went into a coma.

Afrandnia began his career in 1971 with a role in the Iranian TV series “Braves of Tangestan” directed by Homayun Shahnavaz. He collaborated in dozens of films and series.

He had been unemployed over the past two years.

In his last interview, Afrandnia lamented about Iranian filmmakers’ reluctance to collaborate with older actors.

“Everybody has forgotten us. It seems that old actors are only supposed to wait for death,” he added.

His credits include “Killing the Rabid Dogs” (2001) by Bahram Beizai, “Kanimanga” (1987) by Seifollah Daad and “Mirza Noruz’ Shoes” (1985) by Mohammad Motavasselani.