Art and Experience: Prolific director Miguel Littin of Chile will participate in International Ammar Popular Film Festival to be held on August 24-26.

Littin is renowned internationally as one of the foremost Latin American filmmakers. He has directed 17 feature films and feature-length documentaries. 5 of Littin’s films have been featured at the Cannes Film Festival. His most recent film was ‘Allende in His Labyrinth’ (2014) (Spanish ‘Allende en su Laberinto’) about the last 7 hours of former president of Chile Salvador Allende during the brutal military coup d’état on Sept. 11, 1973, the day democracy in Chile ended.

Littin was appointed as director of Chile-Films under the democratic socialist government of Salvador Allende. Littin was sent to exile from Chile after the coup, and during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet he was compelled to live in Mexico and Spain. Littin risked his life to return to Chile in the early 1980s, travelling in disguise with counterfeit documents, so as to make an underground film featuring the status quo there – film was released in 1986 as ‘Chile’s General Act’ (Spanish ‘Acta General de Chile’).

This part of Littin’s life was eternalized in Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel ‘Clandestine in Chile’ (Spanish ‘La Aventura de Miguel Littin, Clandestino a Chile’). The film garnered several major international awards, including 4 prizes at the Venice Film Festival, and galvanized greater international pressure on the Pinochet regime.

Littin has been honored with awards at major international film festivals, and his work has been nominated for Best Foreign Feature in the American Academy Awards.

The 3rd edition of Ammar International Popular Film Festival features the theme, in its first section, movies covering the coup d’état around the world and also highlighting the role of the global imperialism in orchestrating coups in other countries and will be held on the occasion of anniversary of the US-sponsored 1953 coup d’état against Mossadeq’s democratically elected government.