Art and Experience: World-renowned auteur Abbas Kiarostami’s house in Tehran was decorated an Eternal Tile on Monday.

The tile was embedded on the wall of his house during a ceremony attended by his nephew, Hamid Qaderi, the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts (CHTHO) announced on Monday.

“He was a great filmmaker and cinema is deeply indebted to him,” Qaderi said at the ceremony.

Kiarostami lived at the house located in the Chizar neighborhood from 1976 until his death in July 2016.

The CHTHO also installed two other Eternal Tiles on the houses of actor and writer Sirus Ebrahimzadeh, folk art scholar Hadi Seif, artist Manuchehr Tariqi, and writer Ebrahim Yunesi.

The idea to install tile works on the houses of contemporary artists, literati and religious figures was initiated by the CHTHO Office for Inscription of Properties and Revitalization of Intangible and Natural Heritage this year in May to preserve the houses were used by the figures.

The tile bears the name and titles of a celebrity. It also carries the year the artist began to live in the house.

Kiarostami was the seventh artist who received the tile. The first tile was presented to surrealist painter Iran Darrudi in May.

Source: Tehrantimes