Art and Experience: Abbas Kiarostami had a surgery again on 31 March.

Reza MirKarimi who went to visit Kiarostami talked about his physical condition.

“Mr Kiarostami had a surgery before new year due to digestive problems and he was in the recovery condition until some thing happened in the recovery process and it ended up his second surgery on 31 March.”The manager of cinema house told ISNA reporter.


“Fortunately he is getting better and passing the crisis condition.” MirKarimi said with mentioning the fact that Health minister and doctors team were present on 31 March in the hospital.

“Its not true and I request you not to promote such a buzz and I ask every one to pray for his health.” Said the manager of cinema house about the buzz of Kiarostami having cancer.

“Certificated Copy” the last work of Kiarostami was on the screen of Art and Experience last year.