Art & Experience: The minister of Road and Urban Development sat to watch the documentary movie “Freeway” in the first days of its screening in Art & Experience group.

In report of Art & Experience site, After watching this documentary movie which demonstrates the Tehran-Shomal freeway construction, Abbas Akhondi with mentioning the topic said: “The topic which this movie demonstrates, has a high sensitivity among public opinions and people are following the destiny of this subject, so the movie maker has chosen the topic correctly. ”

“The director has an interesting historic review of the destiny of this freeway from the past until now and because it shows the sequence of decisions for this freeway, its a good documentary.” added the minister of Road and Urban Development who watched the documentary movie in Korosh cinema complex.

In addition to his comments with mentioning how big is the aspects of this project, it needs more documentaries to be made, he said: “If it is arranged to study this matter from all aspects, the legal, financial and natural environment topics has a lot more to study which we are hopeful to see them in other documentaries.

مستند آزادراه

” Freeway Project has very complected aspects in legal parts, it is one of the most complicated legal cases in Iran and in the subject of  economic rationalization and in engineering field there is a lot to study and experts can talk about this matter.” Abbas Akhondi explained about the legal aspects of this freeway.

The minister of Road and Urban Development didn’t mention any time for opening the Tehran-Shomal freeway.

The Freeway directed by Mohsen Khanjahani is about the Tehran-Shomal freeway construction process with research-historic point of view among agreed and disagreed people with this project. This documentary starts screening from 28 October in Art & Experience cinema halls.