Art and Experience: Aaron Sorkin’s screenwriting MasterClass is now available, and Indiewire has the exclusive clip to prove it. In it, the Oscar winner discusses the importance of rules, which he says are “what make art not finger-painting.” Watch the full video below.

Sorkin’s course will include more than 25 video lessons as well as a 30-page workbook and interactive assignments. (One can only assume that this includes an entire lecture devoted to the walk-and-talk, but we haven’t been able to confirm as of press time.) “There’s a great tradition of writers from one generation giving a hand to the next group coming up — a tradition I got a lot of benefit from,” Sorkin said in a statement when his class was first announced. “I think new screenwriters will come away from the MasterClass with a new sense of confidence.”

Before creating “The West Wing” (whose optimistic vision of politics is much needed this year) and winning an Oscar for “The Social Network, “Sorkin first came to wide acclaim for his Broadway play (and subsequent film adaptation of) “A Few Good Men.” He received another Oscar nomination for “Moneyball” and also wrote last year’s “Steve Jobs.” His class, which is coming later this summer, can be signed up for now on the MasterClass website.

Source: indiewire