Art and Experience: Iranian director Behrouz Nuranipour’s war documentary ‘A157’ won two awards at Italian event, Signes de Nuit International Film Festival.

The first award, Signs Award, honors films, which treat an important subject o in an original, convincing and surprising way.

A157 also grabbed the Main Award, as being selected as the best documentary.

The documentary narrates the bitter life story of three Syrian Kurdish girls who are raped by ISIL terrorists and live in tragic coditions.

The documentary was first named best documentary at the 34th Fajr Film Festival in Tehran in February.

The 15th Signes de Nuit International Festival was held on April 5-7 at Accademia di Belle Arte, Italy.

Signes de Nuit is made up of films, which reflects new views, original imagery and critical approach to the crucial points of the modern human existence. It is a place for cinema that expands its own boundaries, that is astonishing, different, potentially free from the pressure of tradition, ready to give itself to the unpredictable experimentation.