Art and Experience: ‘A157’ is an Iranian documentary feature directed by Behrouz Nouranipour which will be on silver screen in German film festival.

The 59th edition of International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, October 31 – November 06, will host 11 other documentaries in competition section and will award Golden Sparrow for the selected documentary feature film. Nouranipour’s documentary will be displayed in November 1 and 4.

The shocking documentary A157 which won the Special Jury Award at Iran’s Cinéma Véritére, relates the horrors of war and terrorism in Syria, especially on women and children.

The documentary is the story of the ethical collapse occurring throughout the war. It focuses on the lives of three Syrian Kurd girls who had lost their fathers a day before ISIL attacked their city and are now living in a refugee camp, not knowing what has happened to their mothers.