Art and ExperienceIranian animation ‘A Thousand Tales’ which narrates a selection of Shahnameh stories is nominated for the best animation award in Calcutta Film Festival in India.

‘A Thousand Tales’ is an animation series which offers an open interpretation of some of Shahnameh’s tales. It will compete to receive the award for best animation in Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF) in India.

CICCFF is an official member of London’s British Film Institute and Film Society of Lincoln Center. This festival is a monthly event which was first launched in November 2006; and there is also a major annual event which is slated to kick off on October, 2017. The monthly events are held in Indira Cinema at the end of each month.

Abbas Jalai who codirects the animation with Asghar Saffar says, “it took us more than a year of research to pick the stories for the animation; some of Shahnameh’s tales were to be depicted as a 7-mintue silent animation. But this project could prove difficult, because each tale had many lines which ought to have been visualized in a short time.”

It is worth noting that the first episode of this series has won several awards at domestic film festivals for best director.

Source: Mehrnews