Art & Experience: A selection of Donn Alan Pennebaker works, the american protagonist documentary director will be screened in the 9th International Iran’s Documentary Movie Festival known as Cinema Verite.

According to Cinema Tajrobi news, five distinguished works of  Pennebaker includes “Daybreak Express” (First documentary from 1953), “Opening in Moscow”, “Lambert & Co.” (1964), “Dont Look Back” (1967) and “DeLorean” (1981) will be shown in Cinema Verite in the review of this director’s works section.

Pennebaker has a high place in documentary history and some critics call him the father Cinema Verite. He was was born in Illinois of the USA and he has made 40 documentary movies which most of them are in Direct Cinema style or Cinema Verite style.

In 1959, Pennebaker joined the equipment sharing Filmakers’ Co-op and co-founded Drew Associates with Richard Leacock and former LIFE magazine editor and correspondent Robert Drew. The most major documentary movies in 60s was made by this group and their photographer Albert Maysles.

The most distinguished work of Pennebaker, Dont Look Back is a documentary film about Bob Dylan who always sang objection songs. Time out magazine gave the title of the sixth distinguished documentary of the world. Pennebaker went to France in 1968 and started a collaboration with Jean-Luc Godard who was one of the pioneers of France new wave but this in the middle of production the collaboration stopped and eventually Pennebaker finished the project himself and released it several years later as One PM, meaning “One Perfect Movie”. In 2012, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized his body of work with an Academy Honorary Award or “lifetime Oscar”.

Iran’s 9th Cinema Vérité is slated for 13-19 Dec. 2015 in Tehran’s Palestine and Sepideh cinemas.