Art and Experience: There are a few ingredients that mark the films of Aki Kaurismaki: a camera that doesn’t fuss around too much, a deliciously deadpan humor, an eclectic soundtrack, and absurd situations that still never lose sight of sympathy for the characters at the heart of the story. And those are all on display in the first international trailer for “The Other Side Of Hope.”

The director’s first feature since 2011’s “Le Havre,” and the second installment in what will become a port city trilogy, the film chronicles the journey of a Syrian refugee as he attempts to seek asylum in Helsinki, and the relationship he sparks with a traveling salesman turned restauranteur. All told, it looks like it’ll be another charmer for devotees of the filmmaker and the picture will make its World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival next month.

“The Other Side Of Hope” currently has no North American distribution, but will open in Finland on February 3rd.

Source: theplaylist