Art and ExperienceNaghi Nemati’s ‘A Moment’ will compete in the 23rd Calpalbio Cinema International, an Italian festival of short film.

‘A Moment,’ a production of Iranian Youth Cinema Society’s Ardebil branch, will be in Italy during the festival to be held July 29-August 2 in Rome.

“Created in 1994 with Michelangelo Antonioni as godfather, the festival has told over 23 years and through thousands of short films the complex and intricate story of our changing cultures from all over the globe. Growing into a hub of young talents, who are offered a platform to show their first works, Capalbio Cinema screens the best of the world short film production. Its ambition is to affirm a position as a creative accelerator, industry meeting location and training initiatives,” the official website of the festival writes.

World renowned directors and producers are usually invited as juries; Iran’s Abbas Kiarostami was such a figure who in 2007 appeared as a jury member. The festival has as its side-events film market, script writing training workshop held by Sundance, etc.

Among the crew of ‘A Moment’ are director of photography Rozbeh Raygan and Hassan Shabankareh as sound recorder. Among the cast are Ghorban Najafi, Ghafour Maleki, Behzad Davari, Daioush Ghanbani, Yousef Yazdani, and Siamak Adib, all unknown actors of native Ardebil.