Art and Experience Iranian short ‘A Few Knots Away’, directed by Mansour Forouzesh, will be screened at the 62nd Ireland’s Cork Film Festival.

‘A few Knots Away’ narrates the story of a man named Hashem who has left his home island for years. When his father passes away, he returns to retrieve his body as he does not want to leave behind any belongings on the island which is disputed by the surrounding countries. Eventually his sister, Atieh, gets into an argument with him, but no one can stop Hashem.

Mansour Forouzesh has been a member of the jury panel in several international festivals and his films have been screened in various countries including Bangladesh, Australia, Spain, Bahrain, Turkey, France, Italy, the United States, Brazil and China.

Cork Film Festival is one of the oldest and most recognized international festivals which is accredited by the Academy Awards. Launched in 1956, the Irish event screens more than 200 feature films, short films and documentaries from all across the world, annually.

The 62nd edition of the International Cork Film Festival takes place in Cork, Ireland from November 10-19.

Source: mehrnews