Art and ExperienceThe official date for the 9th Ammar Popular Film Festival has been announced.

According to the administrative office of the Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF), the 9th annual event will be held from December 30-January 10, 2019.

A popular festival founded and funded by the people, APFF is held all over Iran and in different parts of the world.

APFF is aimed at raising awareness and social responsibility in various issues including problems facing society and human suppression. The festival seeks to provide an atmosphere where independent filmmakers and intellectuals can congregate in order to take part in various workshops, discuss various issues facing the world, and have their voices heard by a global audience.

In this edition of the festival, in addition to the presence of filmmakers in workshops such as ‘Film’, ‘Critique, Articles, and Cinematic Research’, and ‘Our Film’, a new section named ‘Popular Requests’ has been added where individuals, activists, and popular cultural organizations can submit their issues and concerns to the festival’s administrative office for a film production.

The festival will be held all over Iran including in Tehran’s Felestine(Palestine) Theaters.

More details on the festival’s international events to come.

Source: ifilmtv