Art and Experience: The organizers of the 35th Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) will pay tribute to the highly-acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, who died in July 2016.

The Tribute session on Abbas Kiarostami, the late famous Iranian film director and the winner of Palme d’Or in the 50th Cannes International Film Festival in 1997, will be held in Charsou Cineplex in Tehran, the capital of Iran as a parallel section to the 35th Fajr International Film Festival.

Interested persons should send their films to the festival office after submission at the Festival website at from October 1st, 2016 to March 10th, 2017.

Critics and media staff interested in participating in Fajr International Film Festival can submit their application at the festival website. The submission is done in a two-step process and critics, writers, journalists and media staff should enter their personal information on the entry section and hence sign up in the portal first and then, fill in the related form.

The submission deadline is March 10th, 2017 and the results of acceptance will be announced to the applicants via e-mail.

In the heart of Iran, Fajr International Film Festival appreciates the valuable Iranian and international films. This event highly regards the cultural exchange; screens the achievements of the well-credited filmmakers, and brings to your consideration those films which promote artistic collaboration through the cinematic medium. Besides, the festival will pay special attention to those works that propagate justice, world peace, and human and ethical values. The festival also values the introduction of the films of the Middle East
and Central Asia a lot and will have a special focus on films that inspired by the true teachings of God’s prophets, spread the message of peace, brotherhood and friendship.

The 35th Fajr international Film Festival will be held from April 21st to 28th, 2017. Reza Mirkarimi, the Iranian filmmaker, will be directing this year’s festival and films from different director from different countries will be screened during this event.

The festival’s different sections include competitive and non-competitve categories. The competitive section of the festival includes “Cinema Ssalvation”, (international competition) for features and short films, and the non-competitive category comprises “Eastern Vista” (panorama of films from Asian and Islamic Countries), “Jam e Jahan Bin” (the Festival of Festivals), the Documentary section, “Zir e Zarrebin” [“Under the Magnifying Glass”], Special Screening (retrospective of world documentaries), “Darolfonoun” (talent campus), workshops and seminars.  The Event will take place in Charsou Cineplex in Tehran.