Art and Experience: Three Iranian films directed by Morteza Sabzeghaba has been accepted into the screening programs of the International Film Festival On-Line of the Five Continents in Venezuela.

The three films to be screened in the competition section of the Venezuelan online film festival are ‘For Him, ‘From Us’ and ‘A Little Incident’.

‘For Him’ narrates the story of an old father who has been waiting for years for his son to return from a journey of no return. The film has been screened in many national and international festivals and won a number of national awards.

‘From Us’ will be experiencing its fifth international screening after its appearance at the 21st Kolkata International Film Festival of India, 31st International BLACK Short Film Festival of Germany, 4th International ‘Kanyakumari Film Festival of India and 2nd International Cinalfama Lisbon of Portugal.

‘A Little Incident’ is about a young man whose dream is to have his life depicted on the silver screen.

The International Film Festival On-Line of the Five Continents will be held on 26 January 2017 in Venezuela.