Art and Experience: Iran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center has submitted Hesam Eslami’s acclaimed documentary “20th Circuit Suspects” to the 11th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA).

The documentary depicts an unlikely friendship that forms between Eslami and Ehsan, the leader of the Iranian youth gang that breaks into his car.

Over the next six years, the director follows the gang in this gritty, nail-biting ride as they run wild in the streets of Tehran, breaking into cars, committing robberies and fighting in the streets. But when the gang’s cat-and-mouse games with police finally catch up to them and family tragedy strikes, they realize their adolescent behavior may not be working for them any longer. Growing up is a reality they must face.

Earlier this week, the Iranian House of Cinema submitted nine films to the APSA. Among the submissions are “Release from Heaven” by Ali Nuri-Oskui, “The Villa Tenants” by Monir Qeidi, “The Skater” by Fereidun Najafi and “Ferrari” by Alireza Davudnejad

In addition, Mohammad-Ali Talebi’s “The End of Dreams” from Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) was sent to the competition in July.

The 11th Asia Pacific Screen Awards will be presented in Brisbane on November 23.

Source: tehrantimes