Art and Experience:”The Birth of a Nation,” directed by Nate Parker 36-year-old African-American filmmaker, yesterday was very much welcomed by the Sundance Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival’s longest standing ovation so far out of the film.

Birth of a Nation, life story notes Turner, leader of the slave rebellion in Virginia America in 1831 depicted and Parker directed, is his first film role. After days of screenings at movie theaters Park City, Utah, Parker has more than 40 members of the film crew to the scene and because of the incentives for change in the system of slavery knew that still, despite the dismantling of , as the inheritors of that era. The film’s director making film about the harsh conditions also explained: “I spent seven years making the film. Because the sensitive issue of slavery in our history and I wanted to go, whenever I wanted it in front of my camera investors to the thought that no spectator has no desire to see such a film or foreign audiences, are reluctant to see a group of black actors. ”