Art and ExperienceAnimated pieces ‘Alphabet’ by Kianoush Abedi and ‘The Servant’ by Farnoush Abedi have been shortlisted as semi-finalists at the 2018 San Mauro Torinese Internatioanl Film Festival (STIFF) in Italy.

‘The Servant’, directed by Farnoush Abedi, which has been so far screened at over 100 international festivals and scooped as many as 20 awards, narrates the familiar story of a master and his servant, the story of a writer’s encounter with a gigantic insect: a cockroach.

In its most recent screening at Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival in UK, Abedi’s animated piece won Best Animation Film Award.

The 6-minute animated piece ‘Alphabet’, directed by Kianoush Abedi, narrates the story of people who have forgotten life and are separated from knowledge and truth. The animation depicts a nation that has forgotten the alphabet to life, cannot see, cannot hear, and cannot speak, but the words are waiting for them impatiently.

Iranian animated piece ‘We’, directed by Fatemeh Fadaei Darestani, was also previously announced as having made it into the semi-finalist section of Italian film festival.

The San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival (STIFF) will run its second edition on May 23 – 25, 2018, in Turin, Italy.

Source: mehrnews