Art and Experience: Junk Girl, an animated short film, bagged Twin Rivers Media Festival’s best animation award.

“Junk Girl” directed by Mohammad Zare, the animation attended the 22nd edition of the American festival which is held annually in Asheville, North Carolina. The Twin Rivers Media Festival supports independent media artists, audio artists, and writers.

Junk Girl narrates the story of a girl who is made of junk and is dirty. It was produced in Tabriz with the technique of ‘Stop motion’ in two years. The film has so far been nominated for awards in many different film festivals around the world and garnered more than 30 awards. It was firstly screened in 2014 edition of Tehran’s International Short Film Festival. The animation is an adaptation of the namesake poem from Tim Burton’s The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, and Other Stories book.
“Junk Girl” was on the screen of Art and Experience last winter.